It's not selfies, it's selfies!

The results of the contest for the best yacht selfies are summed up

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The Russian yachtsmen community summed up the results of the contest for the best yachting selfies. The winners were determined by the number of "likes" given for the participants in Facebook and Instagram. The first place was taken by the photo of Mark Yurievich, son of Yury Podolny, head of FairySail. Boris Burmentyev's photo came in second place, with his rising generation in the frame as well. A cheerful group selfie won the bronze medal. If they win the boys promised to take turns wearing a prize skirt or shorts at the regatta in Croatia, but it did not work out: for third place they will receive a purse from the Volvo Ocean Race collection. And it's unlikely that anyone will agree to take turns wearing a purse!

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