Operation «Epsilon»


One year, 16 tons of steel, 8 tons of abrasive powder and 200 liters of poisonous two-component paint is the amount of time it took the yachtsman and writer Andrei Nevzorov to build by his own efforts the hull of expedition yacht "Epsilon", on which he is going to explore the circumpolar areas of the globe. At the painting stage "the concentration of chemistry was such that we did not risk going into the workshop without a gas mask", writes the author of the book "He, She and the Ocean": "I, having dropped something very necessary in the hold, foolishly decided to go down on breath-hold, but the rickety ladder was crooked, and, correcting it, I inhaled what was instead of air. How I got out of the hold, I still don't understand".
In 2011-2014, Andrey Nevzorov and his wife Elena sailed around the world on the ten-meter sailing yacht Delta. This achievement was recognised with the Yachtsman of the Year award in the Best Long-Distance Sport Cruise category.

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