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Photos of Carlo Borlenga from the St. Barth Bucket regatta

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Every year in March, the world's most magnificent sailing superyachts gather in Gustavia Harbour to compete in the prestigious St Barth Bucket Regatta.This year there were 34 boats at the start, competing in six classes with very poetic names: «gazelles of the seas», «noble ladies of the seas», «mademoiselles of the seas». The size of «girls» ranged between 30 and 60 meters. The largest boat was the Hetairos, the smallest was the Varsovie. Half a dozen boats participated in the regatta around the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy for the first time. Among the newcomers was the largest carbon sloop in the world, Pink Gin VI by Baltic Yachts not very successful yet with last places in her group in all races. The winner of the regatta was Hetairos, which won two races out of four.

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