St. Petersburg International Boat Show to be held on September 3-5

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The next St. Petersburg International Boat Show will be held on September 3-5, 2015 in St. Petersburg. During the event the public will be shown water-engine equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Over 30 exhibitors including the largest yacht dealers will take part in the event. They will display products of both Russian and foreign brands. The organizers promise models from Princess, Azimut, Velvette Marine, Parker, Hanse, Targa, Aquador, XO, NordStar, Sargo and Nordkapp. The customers will be able not only to see the interesting vessels at the berth, but also to test-drive them.

The exhibition will be held in the Marine Yacht Club at Martynov quay 92. Opening hours are from 12 till 18 o'clock.

SPIBS is a young exhibition, first held in 2014. It is organized by Motor Boat & Yachting magazine. You may see how it was held last year in our photo reportage.

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