Georgy Shaiduko headed the Russian Moth Class Association

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A new sailing association has appeared in Russia, it unites athletes racing Moth class yachts. Georgy Shayduko has been appointed the head of the new association , according to the VFSUpress release.

Moth class is a small carbon-fibre hydrofoil boats. The boats weigh only 24 kg, are 3,4 m long, convenient for transportation and cost about $16 thousand in maximum configuration. The boat has one sail, it needs one person to operate it.

«In Russia there are already owners of these boats but they are not organized so we decided to create a regional public association, gathered three times - me, Sergey Dzhienbaev and Kirill Zinchin, and I was elected president of the new organization. Our task today is to show boat capabilities, to organize first steps to this class for wide audience of yachtsmen and further to organize competitions and regattas», - said Georgy Shaiduko.

The base of boats of the new association could be located on the Crimean coast, as this area is suitable for «Motylkov» by wind and wave characteristics.

Georgy Shaiduko is a veteran sailor, silver medallist of the Atlanta Olympics, winner of world, European and USSR championships. Yachtsman participates in competitions to this day: last year he took part in the St. Petersburg stage of the Extreme Sailing Series, he was the skipper of the Russian First team.

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