The Museum of Imperial Yachts resumed its work in Peterhof

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The Museum of Imperial Yachts in Peterhof resumed its work. The restored museum, closed from October 2014 to May 2015, appeared before the visitors in a renewed form.

Now a multimedia project will be shown in the Great Hall. It will be possible to look through the window and see a yacht swaying on the waves, and then in the same window to see an authentic chronicle of the life of the imperial family, says the press service of the museum.

In addition, the institution, which tells about the summer maritime residence of Russian emperors, created a reconstruction of the office of the autocrat on the yacht.

Also the museum's exposition will be replenished with memorial items: a portable inkwell of Tsesarevich Alexei, a door plate «A. E. Derevenko», a whistle of the bosun from the yacht «Shtandart».

The museum «Imperial Yachts» is located on the pier in the Lower Park of Peterhof and is part of the museum complex. «It displays unique items of maritime apparel, yacht sets, images, photographs, yacht models, historical relics» (for example, the skipper's jacket of Emperor Peter the Great).

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