A millionaire repeated the adventure of Robinson Crusoe

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Millionaire traveler and adventurer Ian Argus Stewart spent 11 nights on a deserted island near the Hunga Tongavolcano.

The man lived alone like Robinson Crusoe, surviving in the wilderness by eating wild foods. There were no boats or other means for emergency evacuation near the island.

At the same time, our contemporaries were not left without gadgets. For example, the video camera with which he blogged on the Docastaway channel.

The 65-year-old Briton, who made a fortune not selling luxury yachts, is likely to be the last person to have visited a small piece of land a little over 400 meters long - the island may soon go under water.

It is worth noting that the millionaire was helped in organizing the adventure by the company Docastaway Desert Island Experience, which is engaged in sending people to the most inaccessible places on Earth.

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