Ivan Boignon completes a circumnavigation of the globe on a beach catamaran

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Ivan Boignon has completed his round-the-world voyage on a 6-metre beach catamaran. The yachtsman arrived at the port of Ouistreham at noon on Tuesday, June 23.

Recall that the traveler's around-the-world voyage began in the fall of 2013. At that time, Boignon was accompanied by Beto Pandiani. When, for a number of reasons, Pandiani dropped out of the project, Boignon continued his journey alone.

The voyage was not an easy one. Thus, in the summer of 2014, Bouagnon miraculously survived. His vessel struck rocks and was wrecked. Not desperate, the athlete launched a crowdfunding campaign, managed to build a new boat - an exact replica of the ruined Louloutte - and continued on towards his goal.

Reportedly, during the journey Ivan Boignon flew 55 thousand kilometres. The circumnavigation lasted 20 months.

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