Englishwoman refused to go rafting on the Volga because of excessive attention from Russians

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Englishwoman Laura Kennington, who had planned to pass the entire Volga on a kayak Ariel, returned home. It became known from a post in the blog of the traveler. The girl explained the need to interrupt the voyage, because there was too much attention to her person in Russia.

According to Laura, as the information spread over the Internet that she needed help and possibly overnight stay, people began to actively write letters and messages. Through social media alone, the news about the Caspian hike reached an audience of 20,000 people. More than a thousand offers of help were sent to the traveler's e-mail and Facebook. The sportswoman was not prepared for this level of publicity. Besides, the increased public attention seemed to her dangerous: not all of those who wrote letters had good intentions - there was much negativity too.

Now the traveler is in Great Britain. She thanks Russians for warm reception and is already thinking about new journeys.

Laura Kennington planned to cover 3,530 km in three months, write a book about the Russian countryside and collect donations for the benefit of orphans.

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