A yacht with pensioners ran aground in the Leningrad region

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On the night of Tuesday, July 7, a yacht ran aground on the Ladoga Lake on Wednesday, July 8. The vessel with four people on board was stuck in a hard-to-reach place, impossible to get through for big vessels that could take it in tow.

According to the MES of Russia in the Leningrad region, rescuers learned about the incident around three o'clock in the morning and immediately went to save the boat. Two passengers of the stranded boat were quickly brought ashore. Two more people (pensioners) refused to leave the boat and remained to protect it, so there was no threat to their lives or health.

At the moment the yacht is still not towed away. The reason for this is an unfortunate position of the vessel in shallow water. At the time of writing, MES officials were negotiating with local fishermen, who own heavy, but not large boats. Perhaps with their help it would be possible to hook and pull out the boat at the expense of the owners.

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