American will raise money to grind up a jet ski

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Zach Brown, a resident of the USA, plans to launch a new project on Kickstarter. The young man intends to raise money for an ordinary jet ski. There is something else interesting about the project. «If the required sum - $3,9 thousand - is raised, everyone who invested money into the project will get his own piece of hydrocycle».

The swimcraft purchased with the collectively raised money will be ground into powder and sent out to sponsors in small glass bubbles.

The process of grinding the jet ski into powder will be recorded on video, so the output will be an educational video, too.

This was reportedon «Twitter» by the author of the funny idea. The fundraising campaign for «grated» jet ski will start only on July 13.

The author of the idea is already familiar to many users of the Network. Earlier the man tried to raise via Kickstarter $10 for cooking potato salad and succeeded - his «salad» was valued at $55 thousand. With the proceeds money a charity fund was opened and soon a recipe book will be published.

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