Russian juniors bring back medals from Varnemünde regatta

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Several Russian juniors brought back their medals from Warnemünde regatta held on July 4-7 in Germany.

Thus, Daniil Krutskikh won gold in class «Laser 4.7» in the category of boys up to 16 years old. Semen Mekhanikov took third place in the same class and category. Nikolay Doroshenko took third place in the class «Laser 4.7» in the category for boys up to 18 years. Bronze also goes to Ekaterina Beryoza ( «Laser 4.7» ) for under 18-year-olds and Victoria Lomatchenko (16-year-old female).

Apart from medals, Russian children also had high places. In the class «Laser Radial» (athletes under 21) Ekaterina Zyuzina finished the regatta in fourth place, and Ekaterina Morgun in seventh. In the «Laser class» (under 21) Dmitry Tretyakov finished in fifth place.

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