Sergei Polonsky's yacht looted in Cambodian port

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The yacht «Leonardo», owned by Sergei Polonsky and located in Cambodia, was looted. The 98-foot Azimut is equipped with a barbecue area, outdoor Jacuzzi, as well as an echo sounder, autopilot and satellite navigation system. The boat was manned by a crew of eight. It is not reported what exactly was taken from the boat, but there was definitely something to be gained. The robbery was reported by Gaspar Chehotin, a friend and assistant of the businessman. He also said that the yacht should be returned to Sergei Polonsky.

Earlier it was reported that the police took all important documents, electronic media, as well as money (all stored in Polonsky's safe) from the vessel.

This 98-foot Azimut yacht was already in our sight when it was unsuccessfully "parked " on the island of Koh Tang in Cambodia. After the arrest of the businessman «Leonardo», the yacht was towed to the port of Sihanoukville, where it was looted.

Let us explain that businessman Sergei Polonsky is accused of suspected fraud and has long been hiding in Cambodia. In May, the country's authorities extradited the suspect to Russia.

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