Philippe Briand has reimagined sailboats

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Philippe Briand Naval Architecture and Yacht Design has unveiled its vision for a sailing yacht for the racing class Worldwide. Philippe Briand has created a new design concept named P100. The Wallycento is a class of fast 100 feet boats (the name implies the Italian numeral 100 - cento) based on the most advanced racing technologies, but at the same time it is a very comfortable cruiser.

«Thanks to careful analysis of every detail as well as the use of the latest technology we have created a beautiful yacht design, highly competitive»," said Philippe Briand.

Together with the design team, Brien thoroughly evaluated every aspect of the vessel, incorporating the principles of computational fluid dynamics and speed prediction software. The result is a slightly lower freeboard and a beam narrower than the average boat in her class.

As a result, her weight will be 2 tons less than the upper limit of this class and her speed is calculated to be 20 seconds per mile higher.

The new configuration of teak deck and «lightweight» materials are used for walls, ceilings and the yacht's interior to reduce weight.

As for the interior design, it is inspired by the style of a sports car - «light», but robust.

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