Knut Frostad resigns as head of Volvo Ocean Race

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Volvo Ocean Race director Knut Frostad has announced that he will step down at the end of 2015 for family reasons. Norwegian Knut Frostad is 48 years old and has been head of VOR for more than seven of those years, having taken up the post in March 2008. But in reality he has devoted much more time to the regatta. Much earlier than he took charge of the Volvo Ocean Race, he had raced 4 seasons of that regatta, twice as skipper and team founder.

«Almost half of my life has been devoted to this race, the decision to leave was the hardest one I have ever made," says Frostad. - I'm that kind of person - «all or nothing», and this is that kind of race - it's all or nothing «» . Now I want to devote more time to my young family».

Knut Forstad is no stranger to making big decisions - he didn't just quietly «defend» his position, he radically changed the format of the regatta. First of all, he has turned the Volvo Ocean Race into a monotype race, which has made it easier for the participants to enter. He has also managed to find a modern approach to the media and there is arguably no better covered regatta today.

The search for a replacement for Knut Frostad has already started.

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