What are you doing, Sanya?

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We all got used to the expression "Chinese quality". On March 20th on the speed of 20 knots (that's numerology!) Team Sanya lost its rudder blade whose detachment left a big hole in the bottom. The boat hit the broaching, immediately took on several tonnes of water and now, while the crew practically covered the hole with their bodies, is heading back to New Zealand for repairs.

According to team skipper Mike Sanderson, the rudder feather broke off so badly that the entire steering system was damaged. So the decision to return is certainly the right one - the fleet, which has been floundering endlessly in storms in this race, is entering a new cyclone.

Team Sanya is having bad luck in the race: in three of the five stages the boat has already had serious breakdowns. And, as in the second stage near Madagascar, at the time of the crash the team was the leader of the fleet! Surprisingly reminiscent of the domestic cartoon about the yacht "Trouble" - let's see if the Chinese team has enough quality champagne on board to catch up with the overtaken competitors and raise a glass to victory at the very end.

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