Yachtsmen saved the oldest yacht club in St. Petersburg

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Demolition of the yacht club «Krestovsky» has been stopped.

Yesterday the yacht club management met with the vice-governor Igor Albin during which the official promised to stop the demolition of «Krestovsky» and give the yacht club time to collect the documents necessary for work continuation on the old place.

Recall that the decision to demolish the yacht club «Krestovsky» was made on the basis of the expired lease of the land plot. The administration of the yacht club failed to renew the lease. As part of the preparation of the coastal part of Krestovsky Island for the 2018 FIFA World Cup a promenade and a beach were to be built on the place of the oldest St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

In late October the yachtsmen stood up for «Krestovsky». They held a meeting and started collecting signatures for a petition to St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko. Now that the city administration has agreed to meet the yachting enthusiasts, the management of «Krestovsky» will have to restore the fence that was cut down during the dismantling and the interior of the yacht club from which all the equipment was removed.

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