Mexican fisherman who survived 15 months at sea accused of cannibalism

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The family of a teenager who went tuna fishing with Jose Salvador Albarengo off the coast of Chiapas in Mexico has sued the fisherman who survived a 15-month drift on the high seas.

According to the relatives of the deceased Ezequiel Cordoba, Jose Albarengo ate his companion.

They are demanding $1 million in compensation from Albarengo.

In December 2012, Mexican fisherman Jose Albarengo hired young Ezequiel Cordoba as his companion for $50. In a small fishing boat, they were to go on a two-day tuna fishing trip off the coast of Chiapos.

The 23-foot boat had an engine failure and drifted far out into the ocean. According to Jose Albarengo, Esquiel soon died - unable to eat raw fish. The fisherman did not decide to dump his companion's body until six days after his death.

Jose Albarengo had been on the high seas for 15 months.

He survived by feeding on his own urine, the blood of turtles and the meat of seabirds. In February 2014, his boat washed ashore on Ebon Atoll.

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