Norwegian developed wings for «flight» underwater

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The device called Subwing consists of two wings connected by a hinge and allows «to fly» under water up to 10 meters deep while attached to a boat. The device is controlled by turning the wings. To dive, you need to tilt both wings down. To ascend to the surface it is required to turn the wings upwards. If you point the wings in opposite directions, the body will perform a flip.

The Subwing is simple to operate, so it can be easily mastered by a beginner. For experienced users, there is a handle located between the wings on the back side of the water toy. By grasping this handle with both hands, one can, for example, equalize the pressure in the ears.

Water is 800 times more dense than air, so high speeds are not necessary for a thrill under water, says Norwegian Simon Sivertsen, the inventor of the Subwing.

The recommended towing speed for hydrofoils is 2-4 knots.

The idea for a device like the Subwing came to the young inventor during a voyage around the world with his father.

«When we were sailing through the Greek islands, I was surprised by the transparency of the water. While diving it felt almost like flying, what was missing was speed and thrill. That's when I first had the idea for a hydrofoil towed by a boat»," says Simon.
The first prototype was an ordinary piece of board, which the inventor attached to a water-ski rope and tried out on the water.

«The idea worked, I was able to control the dive and surfacing without much effort. But it was far from perfect»," remembers Simon.

The Subwing costs $300. You can order the Subwing from the official website.

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