«Gazprom» orders battleships in squadrons

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On May 14, a press conference was held in St. Petersburg at which the people involved in sailing spoke about the most important sailing events of the coming season. One of the heroes of the press conference was invisibly present at it «» , which became the sponsor of two projects at once.

What are we talking about? The first project is a sailing regatta for children dinghy class The Optimistsponsored by... «Gazprom». The Lord heard the prayers for big business to come to the Russian sailing - and it came. And how he came - in the person of one of the largest companies of the country, its «national patrimony», as the commercial says! Maybe the same attitude to the sponsored (i.e. children) will appear in the country now, too?
However, we got distracted. So, this summer in St. Petersburg there will be children regatta in four stages «Optimists of the Northern Capital. GazpromCup». The first stage will be held on May 26-27 in yacht port «Hercules», the second on June 3 in Neva river water area (within the framework of the regatta «Sails of White Nights»), the third on July 27-2 August and the fourth on September 2 (both in yacht port «Hercules» which has already become the main base of sport sailing events of St. Petersburg).

But the main sensation is in something else. As we already wrote, «Gazprom» has bought the yacht «Battleship» type Swan 60on which Russian yachtsmen began to compete in major international regattas. But it turns out - and our insider information was correct! - that buying one «Battleship» won't be enough: «Gazprom» wants a whole squadron.

First of all, this autumn (the start is on 17 October in St. Petersburg) there will be a regatta which runs along the route of the «Nord Streamgas pipeline» (also known as Nord Stream). The route is as follows: St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Gotland - Greifswald. At the same time a match-race between participating yachts will be held in Helsinki. But the main thing is that everyone will compete on the same yachts type Swan 60. As of today four crews are promised, one of them is Russian crew fromSaint-Petersburg «Yacht Club » under the command of Vladimir Lubomirov.
This will not be a promotional regatta. It will be a real hard chop - in Autumn, against the prevailing winds, with strong crews.

Secondly, and most importantly. «Gazprom» is going to promote the Swan 60 brand! And to help him in this will be «Yacht Club of St. Petersburg». What does it mean to promote in this context? « Gazprom» is going to make a new one-design class recognized by ISAF - Gazprom Swan 60. What a number!

«And at the moment, according to Vladimir Lyubomirov, he and his colleagues are dealing with the necessary documents - the promoter of the class will be theYacht Club of Saint Petersburg». This little sensation was announced to our correspondent yesterday at the press-conference in the building of «Baltic Media Group»

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