A toy sailboat from the U.S. travels 4,000 miles to reach Britain

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A toy boat launched by American schoolchildren into the Atlantic Ocean more than a year ago travelled 4,000 miles and reached the coast of Wales, writes the Daily Express.

Children launched the Carolina Dreamer sailboat made of fiberglass last May as part of a science project. The boat was equipped with a GPS tracker so schoolchildren could track its journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Carolina Dreamer had no motor and lost her sail during the 3,900-mile voyage.

However, the boat did make it to land: in February she was stranded on a beach in west Wales, where she was discovered by Helen Hinks and her three children. That's when Amy McMahon, the teacher overseeing the project, caught the boat's GPS signal again: it indicated its location 10 miles north of Aberystwyth.

McMahon contacted the local Coast Guard, asking them to help locate the sailboat. They placed an advertisement in the newspaper, to which Helen Hinks responded. She contacted the American school by email.

The teacher was not lazy to travel to Wales and return the boat to the US. She already plans to use Carolina Dreamer in other projects.

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