Roman Abramovich's yacht failed to dock in the port of Antibes

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Half the internet, following a piece in the British gossip column, is gloating about Roman Abramovich, whose Eclipse failed to dock in the port of Antibes the other day. Get a life, guys.

But in general, of course, the story is revealing. First of all it really illustrates: gigantism in our business is not always a good thing. For that small quantity of really huge boats (120 meters and over) there is no infrastructure in the world, and as a result we lose the main thing that boats are bought for - freedom. It is not for nothing that Larry Ellison in a very technical manner sold his partner his Rising Sun a little less than a year ago, and took a smaller boat for himself.

Secondly, of course, is the reaction of the French - as it turns out, the hero's proposal to build a berth near his own house for his own money had already been made in advance, but in their trademark style they straightened their faces and refused.

However, I think, in spite of everything, the picture below demonstrates the boat owner's attitude to the incident very well.


By the way, Eclipse can still be rented through our buddy Jim Evans in Monaco.

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