Togliatti Yacht Club illegally banned citizens from swimming in the Volga

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The administration of the yacht club «Khimik» in Togliatti illegally forbade citizens to swim and fish in the Volga, the local prosecutor's office found during the inspection.

The entrance to the yacht club was allowed only by passes, issued by the administration. On the gates there were signs with the following inscriptions: «No trespassers allowed», «Swimming, parking lot and fishing are strictly prohibited on the yacht club's territory».

Meanwhile, the Volga River, to which the yacht club's territory adjoins, is a public facility.

According to the law, citizens have the right to use the shoreline of water bodies of public use for movement and stay near them, including for recreational and sports fishing and mooring of floating crafts.

Prosecutors demanded from the yacht club administration to remove obstacles that prevent citizens from exercising their rights. The yacht club official was disciplined, the signs on the gates were dismantled, and the permit regime was brought in line with the law, local media reports.

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