«Battleship» completed the world championship in TR52 class in the top five

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September 18 in Marina Mahon on the island of Menorca (Spain) ended World Championship in class TP52. Bronenosec Sailing Team of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club defended the colors of Russian flag at the competition.

After unsuccessful start of the championship, «Bronenosec» managed to reverse the situation and finish on fifth place in the table of 12 crews.

«The fleet of TR52 class entered the Menorca water area for the first time, the conditions here proved to be quite challenging for the competition, - says Vladimir Lubomirov, helmsman of Bronenosec Sailing Team, St. Petersburg Yacht Club Commander - we are satisfied with the competition result, although we certainly have the potential to perform better».

In 2015, «Battleship» took eighth place in the TR52 World Championship. At that time the team got off to a strong start in the competition, but then lost momentum and dropped out of the running for prizes. In the new season events for the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club team followed an opposite scenario.

From the first start in Mahon on 14 September «Battleship» found itself in an unfamiliar role of catching up. The negative trend in the results of the second day of the competition continued, when even a traditionally successful for the team coastal race was unsuccessful.

A change in the team's roles had an effect on the situation. Adrian Stead, a veteran sailor, has replaced tactician, while Michele Ivaldi has taken the role of strategist.

Already on September 16 «Battleship» has achieved 3 and 4 arrivals and climbed from the bottom of the table to seventh place. From there, the team was scoring one position each day in the standings.

Before the decisive day of competition, on September 18, the Bronenosec Sailing Team was in sixth place with a one-point deficit to the top five. The conditions, under which the final race of the championship took place, could hardly be called comfortable: the water area was heavily swamped with a light wind.

In the first race, Bronenosec Sailing Team interfered with the leaders and rounded the first mark third. The final, tenth race, was less fortunate: despite the fact that «Bronenosec» was in the top five at the first mark, the Russian-flagged team crossed the finish line only eighth.

Nevertheless, it was enough to remove German Platoon from the fifth position in the overall championship standings with a two-point advantage.

As for the top of the table, the top four did not change on the last day. The American Quantum Racing Team won the regular fifth victory in the World class championship since 2008. «The main rival of the Americans, Italian Azzurra, has made every effort in pursuit of a second consecutive» gold, but had to settle for only the second step of the podium. Provezza of Turkey was third, while RAN of Sweden, a veteran of the class, finished fourth.

In the general standings of 52nd Super Series, the fourth event of which was World Championship, the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club team lost one place and is on the sixth place so far. Ahead is the decisive stage of the season «Super Series» - regatta in Cascais, Portugal.

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