Diary of the V Russian Business Regatta. Day one and a half

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Ready, set, go! The fifth anniversary business regatta for the Land Rover Cup has started. This time the route Sardinia - Corsica. Those who stayed ashore - be jealous.

The daily blog of the regatta is being kept by Olesya Repkina,special correspondent of itBoat.

Before the races start we've listened to the stories of the experienced - about the wind in 50 knots; about the photo picture worth a hundred thousand, in which a huge wave is about to cover the yacht, while in fact the lens is about to be covered just because ofa few milliliters of water caught in it; about the calm that was the most frightening among all the stories.

So far, everything is going in relaxed Italian mode. The regatta opened. The boats arrived five hours late. Everything is closed for siesta, the marina is cluttered with hundreds of bags, and each of the 180 regatta participants is saving himself as best he can, mostly with champagne or rum. By the way, the fact that among the luggage there are a lot of huge suitcases shows that there are a lot of newcomers.

Sunday afternoon flew by like a minute. Start of the first race due to some problems at Porto Rotondo near Olbia had to be significantly delayed, but then there was enough wind and excitement (and not enough sun). Tomorrow, we expect, will be even hotter in every sense.

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