Rasim Poloskin on Rolex Fastnet Race

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"By nightfall the wind began to pick up. Judging by the lights to port and starboard, we were clearly passing someone. From the stern, meanwhile, some black boat under pirate sails was eating us up fast. The appearance of a serious sparring partner cheered everyone up. The wind gusted up to 30 knots. We changed jibs so we carried the third number upwind and removed the second to keep the tack. «All the same the boat kept pressing into the water, we were loosing the moves to» to this black pearl - she was coming up to us on the leeward side. Philip, looking out on deck from the navigator's hatch, suggested we take the reefs after all. Before that he kept joking that the last time he reefed was 1979."

From Rasim Poloskin, the 600Nm team leader's account of his participation in the recent Rolex Fastnet Race. "Well written," commented this link on Facebook. Oscar Konyukhov. - "It's like going myself." The itBoat editorial board also approves.

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