Diary of the 5th Russian Business Regatta. Day four

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- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- You weren't doing anything yesterday either!
- Yeah, but I'm not done.

It's the middle of a regatta, and a lazy day in Corsica. There's so much to do! At the very least, a rest from the holiday. Lots of options, because the island is truly beautiful. The port of Bonifacio, where we have been standing since yesterday, is one of the most picturesque places in Europe, as all the guidebooks probably say. A ten minute taxi ride away there are numerous semi-wild beaches with the turquoise sea photoshopped beyond belief. Further inland there are mountains up to two thousand metres high, waterfalls and canyons.

And having stayed in the Bonifacio for one day, will not be bored - it will be delicious and on postcard cute. However, compared with the small secluded marinas we entered on the previous days, too crowded. Amongst the throngs of typical tourists in panama pants and T-shirts I «heart» Corse it's not easy for the regatta participants to disguise themselves. Many of those who have stayed here are unrecognizable. Relaxed happy faces with informal sunburned noses were replaced by stiff business profiles. Approximately half of the participants of the business regattaRBCcame here really «to solve problems».

By poses and gesticulation one could tell at a glance, for example, who is a banker, and who needs investments. However, by the evening the phantom ties will disappear again.

And for tomorrow we will need not only sun cream, but jackets as well. We go back to Sardinia, a long offshore race is planned, and the Mistral, as all forecasts foretold a few days ago, is already howling and blowing so coldly in a narrow bay-hidden by high cliffs. Tomorrow it will boil - 25 knots is the minimum.

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