Russian software for tracking regattas entered the international market

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« Interprocom» has released a commercial version of the information-analytical system «Regatascope» and signed an agreement to distribute its license abroad. Maxim Logutenko's Barracuda Communication will sell «Regatascope» in EU countries.

IAS «Regatascope» allows real-time tracking of sailing vessels equipped with GLONASS-GPS sensors.

The system generates a 3D-model of the route based on the coordinates received from the sensors, taking into account wind strength and direction, currents and other factors in the water area.

«Regatascope» was tested at 15 different regattas. In particular, this system was used in the Championship of Russia in Olympic yacht classes, National Sailing League races and World Championship in Megles 20 class.

«Regatascope market launch does not imply price dumping; competitive advantage will be ensured by adding new functional ideas and opportunities, which have already been implemented and are included in the detailed road map of the system development, - said Maxim Logutenko, Director of Barracuda Communication - IAS has proved itself well during the trials. We have received a lot of positive feedback and interesting commercial offers. Such dynamics inspires confidence in success of the project».

In the short term «Interprocom» plans to earn about $1 million from the sale of licenses «Regatascope», according to CNews. According to Leonid Altukhov, president of «Interprocom», the «Regatascope» roadmap includes adaptation to other sports, such as rally, cycling and ski racing.

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