Sanlorenzo is showing the new SL78 in Düsseldorf

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The smallest model in the Sanlorenzo family of planing yachts has been delivered to the Düsseldorf Boat Show which will be held on January 21-29. The 25-meter yacht made of fiberglass was driven for 6 days on board of a specialized cargo ship from the Mediterranean Sea to the North Sea.

The SL78 was first shown at the Cannes Yacht Festival in September 2016. Since then the shipyard has sold 7 hulls of this model.

The main difference between the SL78 and other yachts in this category is the high level of customization usually found in larger projects.

The owner will be able to customize the yacht just like any other Sanlorenzo model.

Another competitive edge of the SL78 is the largest flybridge in her class.

Among interesting design solutions are the lower gunwale on the deck next to the saloon that allows light to enter the interior and «the soaring staircase», flanked by extra-strong glass. The tender is located in the aft garage and is as easy to launch as on larger superyachts.

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