Design of new yacht Melges 40 unveiled «Synergy»

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A rendering of the new yacht Melges 40 by Valentin Zavadnikov's team «Synergy». On this boat the Russian team will participate in Melges 40 Grand Prix 2017, which will be held in Dubai from 19 to 21 April. The yacht construction is sponsored by Dynamiq Superyachts company of Sergey Dobroserdov.

According to comments on the team's official Facebook page «Synergy», the crew is international and is «an extension of the Melges 32 team». In 2016 European Championships in Melges 32 class «Synergy» performed the following line-up: Daniil Odintsov - strategist, Ed Bird - tactician, Alexander Yekimov, Warwick Fleury - trimmers, Nikolay Kornev - mastmaster, Matteo Ramian - bowman, Valery Zatsarinsky - pitman.

The Melges 40 is Melges Performance Sailboats' (MPS) largest racing monotype. The Melges 40 was designed by Marcelino Botin and Adolfo Carrau. The boat was built at Premier Composite Technologies shipyard in Dubai. The hull of the Melges 40 is made entirely of carbon material. She is equipped with an oscillating keel which gives the boat a good range of speed when tacking.

The Melges 40 successfully passed the sea trials in Dubai at the end of last year.

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