From the Soviet Information Bureau - Hanse 575 on the water!

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Rumors about this yacht have been stirring since late spring of this year. Cleverly inflamed by the HanseYachts' marketing department, they were regularly posted on the specialized yachting forums. Interest was also fuelled by computer animations that were either an exact match or an early iteration of the boat.

«Now all doubts are cast aside: one of the dealers managed not only to study the new boat, which will be officially unveiled this fall, but also to take» spy shots that itBoat is pleased to show you. But first - a few words about the new boat, which, as it became known to us, completes the current generation of Hanse boats with the Hanse XX5type designation.

The boat will be a milestone for HanseYachtsso many improvements she brings with her.

The proportions will start with the maximum width far aft of the midships and 2/3 of the length of the boat from the bow. Taper of the hull to the transom is minimal and just a few percent: this is typical for ocean-going racing boats, but on the market of consumer cruising yachts such proportions are rare until the newest ones. Beneteau Senseand the new boat is obviously designed to withstand it.
The second striking feature is the well developed bulwarks, a very rare solution today, however, significantly increasing the safety of being on the upper deck in bad weather. (The consumer is not likely to see it, but the addition of a bulwark means the company has found a technologically new way to securely join hull sections to the deck.)
Third is the cockpit. It's the cockpit that gives you reason to talk about competition with the Sense

. Judge for yourself: the two folding tables can be unfolded to form a continuous deck with side banks, fully lined with sofa cushions.

A gigantic flat «rookery», capable, perhaps, by its area «wash» and the cockpit Sense 55.

The fourth is a stern swim platform, which covers a full-fledged water jet RIB hidden in the garage! An ingenious mechanism is installed in it, which allows to launch and lift a 300-kilogram vessel without tension!
She's impressive from the outside, with horizontal lines like a ruler, plus a wide and long cockpit, where two tables can be turned into a beach. The deckhouse is low and flat with a deck height of well over 2m. All running ends are under the deckhouse roof, as usual, so there is nothing to hook on to. The galley is the envy of many flats. Spacious navigator's place, rack with retractable TV and huge folding sofa in salon. These are dry words which don't do justice to the perfect light-filled interior, which is provided by the enormous portholes and hatches in the full deckhouse roof.
As the yacht manoeuvred in the 25-knot wind breeze under the cameras of the helicopter that filmed her, the eyes of holidaymakers on the island of Rügen were riveted on her. The dark graphite-colored hull literally flew over the waves - the speed under the main sails was visibly over 10 knots.

Powerful and elegant are the two epithets for her.

Perfect? Possibly, yes!

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