The app will help find a crew member who has fallen overboard


The OLAS app will turn your smartphone or tablet into an alarm button that triggers when a crew member falls overboard and indicates the location where it happened.

The program pairs the mobile device with a special tag that can be worn as a wristband, attached to a life jacket or to the dog's collar.

If the wristband carrier falls overboard when going beyond the 30 meter range, the connection between the mobile device and the tag will be severed

The smartphone or tablet will emit a loud alarm. An arrow will appear on the screen of the mobile device indicating the direction to the point where the incident occurred, the distance separating the boat from the overboard, and the course to follow to the source of the GPS signal.

Up to eight OLAS tags based on the patented technology «Alert and Find» can be linked to a single device.

The app works as a personal assistant in an emergency situation, providing all the information that needs to be reported to rescue services if a crew member falls overboard.

The exact time and coordinates of the incident as well as the current boat coordinates are available on a separate screen, which can be accessed by a single swipe.

The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The cost per tag is £45, but you can buy four at once for £171.