Land Rover BAR technical director tells what may have caused the New Zealanders' coup in the America's Cup «»

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There are many versions of why Emirates Team New Zealand's ACC catamaran capsized during the America's Cup semi-final «» against Land Rover BAR. Some speculate that the New Zealanders caught too much wind on the wing sail. Others that the Kiwi foils got caught in the turbulent jet zone of their rivals.

Land Rover BAR chief technical officer Andy Clawton has his own version. He believes the reasons for the capsize are due to the unconventional design of the catamaran, which is equipped with foot-operated winches.

«The control of the centreboards is not the helmsman's, as with other teams, but that of one of the» Team NZ riders. The turnover caused a second misunderstanding between this team member and the skipper.

On the pre-start of the final race of the day on June 6, Emirates Team New Zealand went high on the foils, chasing Land Rover BAR, before committing a pitchpole - a rollover over the bow.

Cloton is one of the leading experts in the America's Cup «» . A naval architect and former chief research engineer in the Wolfson Unit at the University of Southampton, he was also project coordinator for Emirates Team New Zealand and Team Origin, the British team that fought for the America's Cup «» in the 33rd and 34th editions of the regatta.

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