Greenline 65 Ocean Class: видео

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The Greenline 65 Ocean Class, a 20-metre hybrid yacht, will be unveiled at the Cannes show. This model is the first among «green» boats of the brand to exceed the length of 50 feet.

According to the boatyard, the vessel is designed for long distance cruising and is extremely stable in high water.

Her hull geometry offers excellent fuel efficiency which, combined with a fuel capacity of 4000 litres, provides transatlantic range.

Additionally, the boat can be equipped with a generator with solar panels and powerful battery packs, which will substantially increase its autonomy.

The OceanClass 65 offers comfort and safety, with a top-end engine, the yacht can accelerate from 0 to 25 knots in 15 seconds and to 30 knots in 25 seconds.

The interior of the yacht welcomes plenty of natural light, thanks to the panoramic windows in the salon and the large windows in the guest cabins. Practical design allows for a very functional use of every square meter of the yacht.

For alfresco relaxation, there are cockpit and flybridge lounges as well as a large swim platform.

The absence of noise and vibration when the yacht is propelled by an electric motor increases the pleasant experience of being on board.

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