«America's Cup»: minus body, plus karma

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Winners of the 35th America's Cup «» Emirates Team New Zealand clearly took the comments of real sailing enthusiasts to heart, which abounded on the regatta's social media page: many criticized the decision to hold the race on winged catamarans, lamenting that the Cup had turned from a sailing skill competition into a technology race. And the New Zealanders, on the rights of the Cup's defenders, have changed the rules of the game.

In the next edition, Team NZ will be battling Cup contenders on single-hulled yachts. However, this does not mean a return to the beautiful, but not as excitingly fast as today's J-class cars.

We are talking about supercharged single-hulled hydrofoils.

The design team, led by Emirates Team New Zealand design coordinator Dan Bern asconi, is now working on several concepts to decide on the rules of the new AC36 class. As a result, ETNZ wants an impressive yacht that is perfectly shaped for the match racing format and at the same time really challenges the team of professional sailors on board.

Recall that so far only one team has challenged the Cup defenders - Luna Rossa, representing the Circolo della Vela Sicilia Yacht Club. The New Zealanders and Italians have previously discussed the possibility of the America's Cup «» being held in Auckland in the summer of 2021.

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