No racing, but with music.

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The first day of the championship «Sails of White Nights - Palace of Congresses Cup» was marked by the presence of the sailing elite - the general secretaries of the three governing sailing organizations: Jerome Pelz - ISAF, John Friend - EUROSAF and Oleg Ilyin - VFSU and no wind and therefore no racing.

There was some hope that the race would take place first thing in the morning. A fresh breeze was blowing, but a pennant on the judging boat indicated that the race had been postponed. The weather was capricious: the wind was changing not only in strength but also in direction.

« It seems these clouds will not allow us to put to the water safely", complained Felix Ome, German vice-champion and skipper of the team. - We took to the course, but could not go even one tack - the wind kept making one tack more advantageous than the other». In the hope of catching the wind within the course the judges went out several times, but every time they came back with nothing.

Soon the competitors were convinced that they would have to content themselves with a festive programme and cocktails.
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