You steal, you drink, you go to jail! And again...

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In addition to the appearance of a mysterious boat off the coast of Florida, at least one other bizarre event occurred in the United States this Tuesday. Richard Marco Rodriguez, who served 3 years for the daring theft of the $3 million Stimulus boat, attempted to steal it a second time.

The 35-year-old repeat offender was apprehended on the 78-foot vessel docked at a private pier on Balboa Island on Sept. 19. According to yacht skipper Craig Brewer, he had spent the previous night aboard Stimulus.

«I just couldn't believe it," Brewer said «I was sure he was in jail, but he was in front of me».

The story wouldn't have been so funny if the thief hadn't accidentally been helped by Harbor Patrol officers when he was first kidnapped in 2014.

Three years ago, Rodriguez climbed onto a yacht, found the ignition key on it and set sail. But the yacht got stuck between two docks and began to drift ashore. Upon determining that the man aboard was authorized to operate the yacht - the hijacker was acting at ease and with confidence - the patrol helped the yacht leave the harbor... And Rodriguez happily made off with his trophy.

The morning after the report of the theft, Stimulus was found in the Long Beach harbor with a very intoxicated perpetrator on board. As the owner explained, there was nothing edible on the vessel other than alcohol.

Rodriguez was arrested while attempting to ram the 3-million dollar yacht into a police vessel. He was then sentenced to five years, but was released early on May 17 this year.

He first attributed his act to the fact that he had received an assignment to deliver a yacht to former Mexican president Vicente Fox. But rock star Gene Simmons, allegedly aboard a nuclear submarine, ordered him to return.

When apprehended again, Rodriguez calmly explained to police that he had a legal right to be on the vessel. And, in the skipper's opinion, the grieving criminal sincerely believed his words:

«He posed no danger at all. He was just telling stories that were illogical and inconsistent».

Rodriguez was charged with stealing a yacht and taken into custody. His further fate is in the hands of justice.

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