Chilean firm sews purses from the sails of yachts that have passed Cape Horn

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There's a lot to make from old sails: bags, summer chairs, lamp shades... But the sails used in sewing purses and creating diary covers under the brand «Cape Horn» are special.

These are the sails of racing yachts that conquered one of «Everest» for yachtsmen - Cape Horn.

A small Chilean company sews these things. Right there in Chile, where the popular cape is located, they collect old, regatta-worn sails made of carbon, Kevlar, Dacron, nylon and mylar, shabby «fifties» and wash and cut them for decoration of purses and notebooks. The latter also have a bookmark made from a piece of schola.

An interesting option for a holiday gift for a yachtsman, especially if the giver doesn't understand anything about all those intricate yachting gadgets.

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