Russia's first anti-roll system will be tested in July

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In the next few days, St. Petersburg will test the first heel compensation system for ships, fully developed and produced in Russia. The technology, named AKS-1, is to compete with imported counterparts and replace them on the Russian market.

The novelty was developed by «MSS», a leading supplier of shipboard equipment in the country. The system was first presented in September 2017 at «Neva».

The development is capable of reducing offshore rocking by changing the draft, stabilizing the boat during loading and unloading operations and creating artificial rocking when moving in ice.

The equipment can be installed on boats of any displacement.

MSC specialists equipped the system with the software which was also developed by themselves. Now the hardware-software prototype is undergoing the final adjustment and testing, after which the equipment will be sent for the pilot tests.

«We will conduct tests with an emulator that simulates the ship's behavior. We will connect the control system to it and test all basic and advanced functions. As a result, we are expecting the demonstration of performing the full range of tasks set for the system», - said Oleg Pshenichny, CEO of «MSS».

During the tests, critical situations will be simulated to assess the real capabilities of the equipment. Then, the system will undergo final debugging.

The manufacturer has already started taking orders for the first units and notes that the technology has aroused customer interest.

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