The yacht can be controlled remotely

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Rosetti Superyachts is working on adapting the Remote Control Navigation system designed for the commercial sector to recreational vessels.

The system, which was first presented at the ITS Tugnology convention in Marseilles, is based on machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology.

It is installed on the Lloyds Register-certified tugboat Giano.

Communication between the ship and the remote control point is via two encrypted tunnels, which guarantee cybersecurity by providing a direct connection between the ship and the operator, bypassing third-party servers.

With this technology, the operator can control the Giano tug from an office ashore using an electronic replica of the control panel, which is physically on board the ship, on the captain's bridge.

Commands are transmitted via encrypted satellite links and relayed via standard LAN cables. The operator controls the navigation, engine room and propulsion work with the help of video cameras installed in the relevant compartments of the ship.

The remote control was successfully demonstrated at the ITS Tugnology exhibition, held in Marseilles at the end of June. The operator piloted the tugboat directly from the exhibition stand.

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