«Synergy» and RUS7 will cheer up the off-season with regattas in Monaco

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MonacoYacht Club, sailing teams «Synergy» and RUS7 together with other respected yachting people decided to increase sailing activity of Russians in winter time. Their brainchild was a winter regatta series in young Melges20 class. The first regatta of the series will start on October 25. Ten Russian crews are expected at the start. Altogether up to 20 pennants are planned to take part in this regatta.

By this regatta organisers plan to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly they plan to gather Russian yachtsmen in one place in off-season. Secondly, they intend to give them an opportunity to learn from the best European and American teams.

The schedule of races Monaco Melges20 Winter Series (besides regattas in Melges20 class, the winter cycle of Monaco Yacht Club includes competitions on yachts J/24 and SB20):

25-27 October 2013 - Anywayanyday Cup, Melges2016-17
November 2013 - First leg of J/24 and SB2013-15
December 2013 - Beluga Cup, Melges2014-15
December 2013 - Second leg of J/24 and SB2017-19
January 2014 - Third leg, Melges2018-19
January 2014 - Third leg of J/24 and SB20
31 January - 2 February 2014 - Fourth leg J/247-9
February 2014 - Fourth leg Melges20 and SB20, XXXe Primo Cup
6-9 March 2014 - Fifth Melges20 round
22-23 March 2014 - Fifth round of J/24 and SB20

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