In «Gals» there will be a seminar on sailing maneuvering

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This coming Saturday, September 21, Yacht Club «Gals» will host a must-attend event - seminar and training on «Sail approach and maneuvering». Seminar will be led by Andrew Reshetov, master of sports and multiple champion of Open800 class. The beginning - at 10 o'clock.

The following urgent questions will be discussed:

- How to move away from the shore competently and not to carry away the mooring if you have only sails and the wind is stronger than 15 knots?

- How to approach the pier safely without emergency braking at the last moment?

- How to maneuver in narrow waters and with a lot of boats on the water?

- How does a re-furled mainsail or jib affect yacht movement?

- How to set sails in optimal mode if the wind is getting closer to 20 knots?

- What to do if somebody fell overboard and you could still use him on the boat?

All the knowledge you will learn from Andrei Reshetov will be practiced right after the two-hour lecture.

To register and reserve a boat, please call: 7(917)575-9620 or e-mail [email protected]. Cost of participation is 2300 rubles per person.

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