Italians win Rolex Middle Sea Race

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The champion of the 606-mile Rolex Middle Sea Race was Italian boat B2, owned by Michele Galli. The yacht was steered by Francesco de Angelis.

The RMSR is one of the longest and most scenic regattas around the island of Sicily. The Italians have managed to cover the distance in three days and finished Tuesday afternoon. This is the first victory of the Italian team since 2005.

It was not easy for the B2 team. And we're not even talking about their rivals now. On the second day of the race, they had all the electronics on board out of order. As their navigator, Nacho Postigo, suggests, it happened because the boat was well flooded. Rebooting didn't help. The guys improvised by combining a waterproof smartphone with the app «compass» and a cell phone, on which they had all the mapping loaded.

The 34th Rolex Middle Sea Race was a record-breaking event, approaching a hundred participants, including 15 Russian crews.

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