Lieutenant to pay £100,000 for collision with tanker

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A story from two years ago has come to an end. Lieutenant in the reserve, Roland Wilson, was found guilty in the case of a collision between his sailboat and the oil tanker Hanne Knutsen in 2011 in the Solent Strait , writes BBC.

Recall that Wilson was accused of failing to maintain proper supervision and obstructing a large vessel, cramped by draught, in a narrow channel.

The hearing took place from October 9 at Southampton Magistrates' Court and concluded on October 25. Ronald Wilson was found guilty on all counts. During the trial he denied guilt, claiming that the vessel signalled the turn but did not make it, which was a «surprise to him».

According to the judge, Anthony Callaway, there were experienced, trained people on the boat and they made the wrong decision and sailed towards the problem. « They should have kept a clearer course and should have used the engine if things got bad»," the judge concluded.

Ronald Wilson will pay a fine of £3,000 for his mistake and a further £100,000 in legal costs.

There were eight people on the boat. One of them jumped overboard during the collision. Fortunately no one was seriously injured

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