Australian AC Challenger picks team director

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Wine tycoon Bob Otley is not a bad guy, no sooner had the Oracle Team touched the coveted America's Cup «» after winning the 34th, than he sent them a challenge for the 35th.

It was revealed yesterday that he has recruited Ian Murray, who has 45 years of yachting experience under his belt, competing in three America's Cup «» (in the victorious 1983, 1987, 1992), multiple championships in «Skiff» and being part of the Australian Olympic team, as team leader.

«Good news for the Australian contender»," commented Russell Coutts, who holds a similar position with Oracle Team. Murray's extensive yachting experience is matched by his wealth of experience as the 2013 San Francisco Race Director, and he knows the ins and outs of the America's Cup like no one else. Otley is confident he made the right bet and Murray knows how to lead the team to victory.

In the near future, the defender and the first Challenger will sit down at the negotiating table to determine the key provisions for future races.

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