Greece introduces tax on yachts in its waters

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The new law will come into force on 1 January 2014 and will affect all yachts over 7m in length. The tax will be levied on commercial and private vessels in Greek waters.

Annual rates:

Boats 7-8m in length - €200

8-10 м — €300

10-12 м — €400

Over 12 m - €100 per metre.

Larger boats ("12+") have two options to reduce costs: pay one month in advance (€10 per metre) or «permanently based» in Greece and get 30% discount off the annual tax.

Yachts without a paid receipt can be detained until the debt is paid to the country's authorities. Debtors will be fined 100%.

The information is published on the website of the British Cruise Association, the post is updated as new data becomes available.

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