Operation to rescue the skipper of an overturned maxi-trimaran has begun

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The team to rescue the wrecked trimaran Prince de Bretagne, Lionel Lemonschois, sailed from France to Rio de Janeiro. According to, they were already due to arrive in Brazil.

The 80-foot trimaran Prince de Bretagne crashed around 4 p.m. Monday 800 miles off the Brazilian coast. Winds were blowing at 16 to 18 knots. In such winds, the accident could have been caused by a technical malfunction or a yachtsman's error. Lionel's arm was injured and he's now ensconced in the boat's center hull, where he'll wait for help from his crew. He has access to food and a life raft.

French skipper Lionel Lemonschois was at sea for 11 days, trying to set a new record on the Port Louis (Brittany) - Port Louis (capital of Mauritius) route.

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