The sailing ship «Mir» arrived in Olympic Sochi

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The new marina in Sochi's cruise harbour welcomed its first big sailing guest. The training sailing vessel «Mir», 109,6 m long, arrived to take part in the events of the Olympics, reports VFSF.

The journey from St. Petersburg to Sochi took 43 days and 5,700 nautical miles and was accompanied by storms in both the North Sea and the Black Sea. For the Makarovka cadets it was their first trip to the sea, and the guys coped with it perfectly. Now many of them will continue to volunteer at the Winter Olympics.

For Sochi, the time of big sailing ships is just beginning - not only «Mir», but also our other sailing giants - «Kruzenshtern», «Sedov», «Pallada», «Nadezhda» can be seen here in spring.
In May Sochi will become one of the host cities of the Tall Ships regatta. You can read more about it in our article.

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