A marvelous wonder, a marvelous wonder

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January 9 saw the launch of the first truly large yacht of the year. The 87-metre Ace, which has changed two working names during its construction at the yard Lürssen ROCKY and Flash, two working names. She is now docked at the Lürssen Docks in Rendsburg and is impressing onlookers with her very bold and unconventional design by the bureau. Andrew Winch. It is easy to recognize this boat in any port, and it will get a lot of attention.

As if to prepare for this, the builder has instructed us to keep the process of construction a closely guarded secret. All we know is that this five-deck vessel can only accommodate 10 guests and the crew consists of about 30 people. On board, among other things, there will be a spa area, a swimming pool, a disco hall and a cinema.

Below is an interesting photo which shows the yacht (then still ROCKY) in unpainted and unpainted condition with the aluminium superstructure just stowed on the steel hull. Find ten differences, so to speak.

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