Sale «Admiral»

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A month ago it became known about the confiscation of the property of the group of companies «Admiral» (yacht-club and store) by representatives of«Sberbank». All this time the further destiny of the oldest representative of the Moscow yachting market was in a suspended state.

However, as a source close to the situation told us last Friday, February 14, «Sberbank» held an auction which resulted in the assets «Admiral» (yacht club, store, land plots on the first line of the Klyazma reservoir with a total area of over 10 ha) were bought by investors whose main interests are in the energy field. No information on the bidding appeared on the website «of the Sberbank», from which it can be assumed that the yacht business «Admiral» was bought «by its own people».

According to the information available to the editorial staff, the new owners intend to continue trading yachts, including retaining the team and the main brands of the «Admiral line». However, during this month several brands, which were badly laid, have already managed to be disassembled. Thus, the dealer of the Italian motor yachts Absolute became the company Grand Marine, and the Russian distributor of American boats Crownline became the group «Burevestnik».

As the saying goes, in a big family don't click your beak!

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